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Randy Larsen, P. Eng., President

Randy Larsen, P. Eng., President

About Us

Ordinary mortars and concretes are mixed with water and while the resulting product is very strong, it doesn't bond well with adjacent concrete or other materials. In addition, ordinary concrete is not waterproof and cannot be applied in thin layers. Latex modifiers used in place of the mixing water improve the performance of concrete and mortar in these areas. Of the various latex modifiers available, pure acrylics are the best.

Astek Composites Inc. was formed in 1999 and has supplied the world with the finest quality acrylic waterproofing and repair mortars ever since. Early on, we recognized the need to provide our customers not only with timely product delivery, but, in addition, the technical support and education required to ensure the most cost effective solutions possible. This site will continue to evolve as we add case histories, photos, instructional videos and customer-restricted areas detailing tips and tricks. In addition, we appreciate your feedback so do not hesitate to send us an email with your comments. Any photos and details of your projects would also be appreciated so we can add them to our already impressive list.

I have personally used these products (as an applicator) since 1979 and only became involved with the manufacturing side because I was so impressed by the performance and longevity of these systems. I am a professional civil engineer and as such I can appreciate the value of having one system with the ability to be customized to solve almost any structural and waterproofing problem. Contact me and let’s discuss your options.

Yours truly,
Randy Larsen, P.Eng., President