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Elastra ER100

Elastra ER100 is a liquid applied, one component water based flexible acrylic elastomeric coating (ie. liquid rubber). The ELASTRA system consists of a grey bond coat and a white finish coat. A special (system specific) polyester fabric reinforcement is incorporated into flashings, at joints and other demanding locations. The ELASTRA is a light-weight, long-lasting, tough, waterproof and weather resistant roofing membrane or waterproof coating.


Key Uses
Key Features

Non-toxic and environmentally clean

ER100 emits no noxious fumes during application or toxic fumes during fire, is not harmful to workers and causes no harm to environment. All tools and hands may be washed with water. Cured materials may be sent to landfills.


ER100 is not affected by U/V light and most elements.

It remains flexible in frigid weather down to -30°C (-22°F) temperatures. It stretches to twice its original length and more at slow rates of dimensional change. The stretch limit depends upon ambient temperature, coating thickness to crack spanning ratio and rate of dimensional change.

It does not re-emulsify in water.

Seamless and lightweight

Covers the roof with a continuous, monolithic coat and forms a single blanket of protection; No seams to weld and to develop into leaks; no need for flashing, can be continued up parapet walls, any pipe, duct, base or element projecting through the roof surface.

The installed ELASTRA system weighs less than 3 kg/m2 (0.6 lbs/ft2)

Energy efficient and breathing

The white surface stays up to +25°C (+45°F) cooler than the dark asphalt of a built-up roof because it reflects up to 85% of the sun's heat rays and helps to reduce air conditioning costs during hot summer months.

Permits water vapour to escape without causing bubbles or blisters during winter months.

Multisurface versatility

New roofs and reroofing.

Can be applied to concrete slabs, precast concrete elements, sprayed polyurethane foam and foam cement, CHL approved insulation boards, tar paper, asphalt shingles and plywood.

Easy to apply and simple to maintain

Applied with brush, roller or airless sprayer.

Damaged areas can be recoated after proper preparation of the existing surface.