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Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing Elastra-Tapecrete Membrane over Foundation Crack.

Astek Foundation Coating is a system derived from Astek's proven tank and aquarium lining system which has been in service world wide for 25 years. The system consists of two components:

1. An acrylic modified cementitious mortar (Tapecrete) which provides both the smooth substrate and the protective cover for the second component:
2. An acrylic liquid applied elastomeric coating (Elastra ER100) which applies like paint but cures to a flexible membrane.

Combining these components creates a durable waterproofing system with the following advantages:

  1. 1. It is a seamless system which extends from the top of the footing to the underside of the wall cladding
  2. 2. No parging is required below the wall cladding since the system is impervious to UV degradation.
  3. 3. No protection board is required. The acrylic mortar cover is extremely abrasion resistant.
  4. 4. Less surface preparation is required than for most other systems.
  5. 5. It may be applied to fresh concrete or damp concrete. In fact, the system must be applied to damp concrete. This results in faster turnaround times.
  6. 6. It is easily patched and maintained.
Foundation Waterproofing
Foundation Waterproofing