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Pre-Measured Kits

MarineCoat Pre-Measured Kits Sample of MarineCoat pre-measured kit

Astek has now taken our proven Tapecrete and MarineCoat systems and created pre-measured kits which eliminate on-site batching. The advantages are:

  1. 1. Engineers and architects often demand kits to assure consistent batches.
  2. 2. Contractors often cannot provide full time supervision or trained personnel to oversee on-site batching.
  3. 3. Contractors can start a crew with kits until they are familiar with the proper mix and then switch to on-site batching which is more cost effective.
  4. 4. Small projects can be completed efficiently without sourcing out suitable aggregates.
  5. 5. Contractors who do not do this type of work every day can follow our comprehensive instructions and easily obtain a quality installation.