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Completed MarineCoat Installation
Base Coat with Mesh Reinforcing
Pressure Washing ManHole Interior
Original Condition of ManHole

In order to repair, waterproof and preserve manholes and pipes, a versatile system which can be custom tailored to each situation is needed. The Astek System consists of:

By varying the thickness of the mortar, the type and size of the aggregate and the inclusion or exclusion of the reinforcing mesh, the most cost effective solution can be used. The Astek formulation has been used in manhole repairs for the past 25 years with exceptional success. It has been used in manholes placed in leachate collection systems in landfill sites and high volume systems of New York, Ontario and other areas. In a particularly severe case, MarineCoat was applied to various structures in the Ludlow Sewage Pumping Station in Yonkers, NY. The first section was completed in 1983 and additional work has been performed over the years since then. We have recently contacted the Manager of the Station and he reports that all of the MarineCoat repairs are performing as new. MarineCoat has been used (since 1993) at the Halton Landfill as a protective coating in the manholes in the leachate collection system. We have also received a copy of an inspection video performed at the request of the City of Orillia showing a MarineCoat membrane in excellent condition after nineteen years of service in a concrete reservoir.

As well, the system may be applied to the manhole exterior prior to placement in the ground or to existing manholes exposed through perimeter excavation. Selection of the appropriate application can be coordinated with municipal officials.

Other projects include:

ManHole Lining