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Pool Plastering

Pool Plastering Typical Completed Pool

When it comes to the repair and waterproofing of your facility's concrete pool you should never settle for less than the best.

Tapecrete, with a 30 year world-wide successful project history, offers durability not available with traditional membranes comprised of epoxy, fibreglass and urethane. Tapecrete is based on the same Portland cement that your pool is made of, and offers the ability to transmit water vapour (i.e. breathe) while still maintaining a barrier to liquid water. Tapecrete repairs are resistant to the freeze/thaw damage caused by vapour trapped behind the membrane, as often occurs with traditional membranes.

Because Tapecrete is based on the same material as your original structure, there are none of the incompatibilities which exist when attempting to bond together dissimilar products. Expansion and contraction coefficients match the concrete shell of your pool , thereby relieving stress at the bond line.

Tapecrete has a brilliant white finish that is immune to the effects of UV , and will not fade or chalk. You'll save on maintenance because the pool shell will never have to be painted again!

Cracks in the pool shell are treated with fabric reinforced Elastra ER100 flexible acrylic membrane to eliminate leakage. Border tiles and coping stones, when set with Tapecrete, remain bonded longer than with any other product.

Each pool or aquarium is unique. Tapecrete's mortars, reinforcing mesh and Elastra ER100 elastomeric membrane can be combined in many ways to create the perfect solution.

Pool Plastering
Pool Plastering