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Tapecrete was developed at the University of Toronto in the mid 1970's and has been in production ever since. For over 30 years it has been repairing and protecting concrete and masonry structures with a reputation unsurpassed by competing systems. Workers and users can rest easy knowing that all Tapecrete systems are environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Tapecrete is a wear and impact resistant cementitious system consisting of a mixture of Astek proprietary acrylic polymers, Portland cement and special aggregates.

At Astek, we want to make your project proceed as smoothly as possible therefore we provide the Tapecrete system in ready-to-use kits. Each kit covers approx. 50 sq.ft. at 1/8” thickness. Additional aggregate is available to create repair mortars and thicker systems. Detailed application instructions are available from Astek. Tapecrete can be applied by trowel, sprayer or screed.

Astek also ships the Tapecrete acrylic polymer in 5 gal., (20 litre) pails and 30 gal. (100 litre) and 55 gal. (210 litre) drums if you have the experience and skill to mix your own mortar. By purchasing your own sand and cement locally you will incur substantial savings in addition to increasing the versatility of your applications.

Key Features

Tapecrete is a versatile system that can be customized to meet given requirements and properties such as:

Key Uses

Wear and impact resistant waterproof overlays:

Thin layers of Tapecrete overlays (2 - 15mm thick) provide wear, impact, freeze and thaw, seawater and salt resistant as well as carbonation impeding toppings.

Concrete repairs:

Structural integrity can easily be re-established in damaged, spalled and deteriorated concrete structures using Tapecrete mortar, concrete or shotcrete.

Waterproof and dampproof coatings:

On concrete and masonry surfaces with no cracks, Tapecrete mortars act as a waterproof, weather-resistant and coating and when applied to reinforcing steel, they act as a corrosion inhibiting coating.

Waterproof and dampproof membranes:

On concrete and masonry surfaces that are severely deteriorated, cracked, or where impact loads are common, Tapecrete slurries are combined with a proprietary reinforcing mesh. The type and number of layers of reinforcement vary with the application, but typically only one layer is sufficient. Additional flexibility may be obtained by combining Tapecrete with an Elastra membrane. Tapecrete membranes are suitable for many applications including:

Bonding agent:

Tapecrete slurries act as an excellent bonding agent when applied to subsurfaces for regular concrete repairs, overlays, and standard shotcrete applications.